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UI/UX Project Cost Estimation

As much as it is a tedious task, timely cost estimate is a crucial stage in any striving project. Clear requirements with all the underlying numbers in place give you a comprehensive picture of the workflow ahead of you.

At Equal Design, frequently deemed a user experience agency by our team, we know the ins and outs of the right UI/UX project cost estimation firsthand. And we gladly share our experience in this here feature.

UI/UX Design Estimation Techniques

Commonly, you can go for two types of UI/UX design service payment: hourly and project-based. In both cases, it is good to make a detailed breakdown of costs, separately estimating such defining factors as:

  • Scope of tasks.
    You need to start with a clear understanding of the project complexity. Having studied the requirements, it is necessary to select independent functional parts of the project. After that, you can start calculating labor costs.
  • Terms of implementation.
    Based on the project complexity, set deadlines, and do not forget to calculate an approximate amount of time it will take to resolve unforeseen circumstances. No matter your work methods, you should also set the tasking sequence (what comes after what) and summarize an estimated time period.
  • Project cost.
    The prime cost of the project is formed from the total monthly costs (like office and servers rent, licenses, etc.) and the remuneration of performers. Potential monthly costs are calculated as follows: you divide their sum by the number of days in a month and multiply by the number of calendar days required to complete the project.

Closer UI/UX estimates, however, can only be carried out based on the settled design workflow methodology.


Divide the monthly salary of each specialist by the average number of working days in a month and multiply the result by the number of days needed to complete the project. At the end, add up all payments.


Divide the salary of each employee by the average number of working days in a month and multiply by the number of days required to complete the project. Then you summarize the results.

Now you can get the final cost of the project by adding a few things to it:

  • Profit.
  • Taxes ─ as an average percentage of the cost of the project with profit included.
  • Sales manager commission ─ as a percentage of the sum of cost, profit and taxes, or of the pledged profit.

How To Estimate UI/UX Design Accurately?

The method we try to promote involves three steps:

  • Determine the number of actions/screens (sitemap) in the project.
  • Rate the difficulty of each screen (Easy, Medium, or Hard). Next, decide how many hours you need to complete them. For example, for a dashboard (complex screen), usual web design estimates 12 hours.
  • Calculate the total number of hours and multiply by the hourly rate.

Wouldn’t like to bother making all the calculations yourself? Contact our user experience design agency to discuss your project and goals. We have a pool of experienced specialists ready to take on any issue and task, tailoring the interface based on your budget and individual desires.

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