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Business Analysis in Web Design - Why’s, What’s, and Who Needs it

Web design is a complex undertaking that should never be underestimated. Business Analysis in web design that is why’s, what’s, and who needs it. It is akin to piecing together a large, intricate jigsaw puzzle where a variety of components must fit together seamlessly. Achieving a project’s success takes considerable planning and strategizing; the entire process must be tailored to meet the client’s needs. This is where a business analyst can be invaluable, especially if you are interested in mobile website development.

Thorough business analysis is all the more relevant when you outsource website design – it helps ensure that the website meets industry standards and keeps up with the shifting market trends. Here are four crucial steps to perform effective business analysis in web development.

Discovery and Research

Uncovering the underlying reasons for building and launching a solution in the first place is essential. At Equal, we kick off projects with in-depth research and collaboration, focusing on three aspects of the solution: user needs, business objectives, and technical feasibility. ECommerce website designers need to be extra careful at this point.

We use a variety of techniques such as interviews, workshops, brainstorming sessions, document analysis, competitor and user research, process mapping, and more to align user needs with business objectives and explore how technology can be used to promote the growth of your company.

Documenting all dimensions of a product

The initial step of any business analysis is an exhaustive examination of the current business model, value proposition, and requirements gathering. To gain a clear insight into the proposed business model and acquire pertinent data about the needed features and functionalities, a thorough assessment is required. After a detailed evaluation and examination of the required functionalities, business analysts develop effective execution plans for web development.

We understand that long, detailed documents can be tedious. Often, such a problem occurs in the banking app UI. That’s why we strive to provide the right amount of info in a structured and concise way. This ensures that nothing is overlooked and allows teams to collaborate effectively. We can work with a wide range of approaches, from complex solutions like Confluence and Jira to simpler applications such as Trello and Google Docs.

Project Scope and Requirements

If you need a custom eCommerce website design, keep in mind that no matter what kind of change is made (improving an existing feature, removing or introducing a new one), there is always a risk of severe consequences if not managed properly. As such, it is essential to consider the overall impact of these changes on the solution’s scope.

Communication and Support

The role of a Business Analyst in building a strong, open, and trusting relationship with a client is invaluable. By clarifying questions, discussing new ideas, and providing a direct line of communication to any project team member, the BA plays an integral part in ensuring a successful outcome. In our experience, clients benefit a lot from having a direct connection with the team, not just the manager or BA.

How to Make the Product Development Process Easier?

Organize a workflow

Design a workflow to help with the completion of tasks. Outline the steps necessary to move tasks through the various stages, from planning to implementation, review, and deployment. This will provide clarity and structure to the tasking process. Additionally, consider customizing the workflow to fit each team’s specific needs, such as including a mandatory step for code reviews. To enhance the process, create a visual representation of progress.

Clean up your backlog

Completing your backlog is a breeze – it’s often more straightforward to come up with fresh ideas than to execute them. But it won’t be of use unless you take steps to organize it. A carefully crafted product backlog can help you prioritize what is relevant right now while keeping in mind other, less crucial tasks or initiatives that arose from various sources.

A recommended approach is to divide your backlog into what you are committed to doing soon and what might be done in the future, which is important for website design and SEO. If you use something like Trello to manage your backlog, keep records in distinct lists.

Have a clear Definition of ‘Done’

The Definition of Done (DoD) is a set of rules that provide acceptance criteria to ensure that tasks, when completed, are done both functionally and qualitatively. Explicitly defining DoD can help to reduce instances of ‘ping-pong’ – when a task is continually being reopened by Quality Assurance due to an unmet criterion. It is much more efficient to take the extra time to make sure the task is completed correctly the first time around rather than having to revisit it multiple times.

Control your Work In Progress (WIP)

Minimizing multitasking has the potential to improve overall efficiency. Overloading people with work can lead to slower throughput and more defects. To combat this, it’s beneficial to limit the number of tasks in progress at any given time. Setting WIP limits, such as a maximum of two tasks in progress, can help minimize multitasking and improve cycle times. If a kanban board is used, it can be specified that only a certain number of tasks are allowed on each column.

Make Your Progress Visible

Are all of your stakeholders aware of the progress of your project? This includes team members, upper management, sales staff, and even the customer. Are they aware of the achieved and ongoing tasks? Can they predict the release date? Tools such as Jira and Trello help track work, also providing APIs for displaying data on public monitors. Some even come with a built-in TV mode. This information radiator presents data from multiple angles, like a burndown chart of the current sprint and a list of blocked tasks.


Business Analysis plays an essential role in Web Development, helping to ensure successful project outcomes. By analyzing the project requirements and understanding the objectives of the client, our website design company can provide valuable insights into a project’s potential for success.

These insights can help to identify any potential risks and make the project meet client requirements perfectly. Moreover, they can help improve the overall quality of a project by providing valuable feedback and recommendations. A high-qulaity Business Analysis is the guarantee of market-defining products – contact us to discuss other crucial details of your future product.

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