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About project

12 Months
Team siZE
3 specialists
HomeZero is a climate tech startup from the Netherlands that aims to accelerate the transition to energy-efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly residential buildings in Europe.
UX/UI design
UX Research
Web design
Style guide & Assets
Navigation Architecture
Client review

«‎They are a pearl in an ocean of mediocrity.»

Mike Out
Executive, Tech Company
CSS Design Award
UI Design Award
CSS Design Award
Innovation Design Award
CSS Design Award
UX Design Award


Throughout the project, our main goal was to create a design that is not only attractive, but also makes the entire experience of using platform seamless and functional. We sought to create a solid visual representation of platform's efficiency and eco-friendliness with a strong attention to detail. Our goal is to provide homeowners and businesses with a seamless means of interacting in the sustainable building industry, enriching their user experience and providing a comfortable collaboration experience.
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HomeZero is a platform for users and businesses, providing the tools and expertise needed to improve home sustainability, promote environmental well-being, and reduce energy costs

HomeZero is a climate tech startup from
the Netherlands that aims to accelerate
the transition to energy-efficient.

Work Process

Navigation architecture

During the work, our main objective was to create a structure that would allow us to launch the project quickly, while at the same time laying the foundation for future growth. As a result, we were able to optimize the work on the project, clearly define priorities and quickly launch the site.


Next, we created warframes of the main pages to thoroughly test user interaction with the website and ensure that our goals aligned with customer requirements.


During the design process, we created a prototype to be able to test hypotheses and user-friendliness, as well as to visualize the ideas to the client.


At each stage of design and development, we systematically conducted tests to ensure that all components of the interface functioned correctly and were user-friendly.

UI design like your close friends

Our goal was to create a design that would be an ally for the user on the way to energy efficiency. Through attention to detail and navigation, we aimed to provide users with an excellent, beautiful and intuitive design that shows that the transition to energy efficiency is effortless and enjoyable.

Client side functional

House Scan

Users can perform a home scan to find out which sustainability measures are most appropriate for their situation.

Measure Selection

Users can directly select the specific measure they would like to implement in their home.

Find Business

Users can search on their own for businesses that can implement the sustainability measures they need.

Request Quotes

Once suitable companies are found, users can request and compare prices to make an informed decision.

Review by HomeZero

Users can check the reviews by HomeZero of the company they have found to make sure it is reliable.

Variety of Filters

Users can select companies based on different criteria through a wide variety of filters.

Main Clients Features

After thorough preparation, we entered the design phase. We aimed to minimize unnecessary user actions, clarifying essential steps and emphasizing element design with appealing graphics and color highlights.
Seamless Form Completion
Design focused on user experience starts with deep research into the needs and expectations of our users. One of the key steps in interacting with the platform is the process of scanning and analyzing the house. The first step in this process is filling out a form. We've put an emphasis on simplifying this process by focusing on the important fields.
Streamlining Home Scanning
Scanning a house is a key and complex step for users, as it contains many steps and filling in the fields required for the sustainability assessment. We optimized this process with precise accents, clear illustrations and intuitive prompts, making it interesting and engaging for the user.
Current state of sustainability
After scanning the home, users receive a detailed sustainability assessment for each selected measure, which helps visualize the current state and make more informed decisions.
Full user control over selection
The platform gives users full control over the process of finding the right company. This is shown in two flexible options: self-service search and the platform's ability to match the perfect solution.
Find contractors with precision
The platform provides powerful tools for finding a contractor, including a variety of filters, companies' own ratings, real reviews, and information on deadlines. These tools provide users with complete control over contractor selection and get the information they need.

Company side functional

Company info

The tool provides companies the opportunity to effectively present themselves to potential customers.


The company manager has the ability to add and edit company-provided measurements.

Quota requests

A table for the company manager to view and promptly respond to quota requests from users

Credits for quotes

Companies can purchase credits that enable them to accept quota requests from users.

Managing reviews

A panel where companies can view and respond to reviews about themselves from different sources.


A tool that allows companies to directly connect with the support team and get prompt answers to questions.

What about company functional

We have also designed a dashboard for companies, providing them with self-presentation tools where they can describe their company, present their offerings and type of service. Companies can view and respond to customer feedback and handle user quotes.

Key Criteria for the Company Description

Users form their first opinion of a company based on its description. Our goal was to provide companies with tools to present themselves attractively. We researched what is important to users when making a choice and implemented it for companies, allowing them to emphasize their strengths to create a trusted first impression.
Quota Request Processing
Quota requests are important for interaction between companies and users. We have created a user-friendly interface for company managers, making it easier to process requests. Managers also receive information about the user's home to inform decisions.

Efficient Navigation Between Screens

To ensure fast and efficient navigation between dashboard screens, we implemented a split-level sitebar. This functional element allows company managers to instantly see new notifications and seamlessly switch between different sections.

Empowering Companies with a Credit System

The platform features a credit system that gives companies the ability to respond to users' quota requests. As part of this task, we aimed to create a design that would foster trust between the platform and companies.

MObile adaptive

Seamless User Experience Across Devices
Studying and analyzing the customer experience on mobile devices has allowed us to create a design that not only supports functionality, but also makes it accessible and enjoyable for everyone. By unifying the user experience regardless of device, we help users use the platform more confidently.
Ensuring Mobile Usability
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When creating the branding, our goal was to ensure that the color scheme was consistent with the values and core aspects of the company.
When choosing a font, we emphasized readability, brand consistency and compatibility with mobile devices.
Creating customized icons and illustrations
We also developed illustrations and icons as the platform offers a variety of measures. These graphic elements are indispensable for visualizing products and making them easier for users to understand.


Strategic Solutions for Enhanced UX

By focusing on the main aspects and deeply analyzing every detail, we managed to get a thoughtful solution. These solutions were implemented to simplify the process of finding contractors for platform users. At the same time, they allowed our client to attract and retain the attention of an audience of users and vendor companies. Our team continues to work with the client, we are actively working on the creation of other products and constantly improving the platform for our users.

Awarded platform

We are proud to announce that our design has been awarded CSS Design Award Site of the Day. This recognizes our continued work and commitment to top quality design. The awards confirm that we are not only conforming, but setting the standard in the industry.
Our collaboration with our clients remains at the center of our work. We strive to create products that are not only beautiful, but also enhance the quality of everyday life.
unique screens covering every aspect of the project
prototype flows with different scenarios
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