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About project

LocalLolo is a catalog of local businesses, containing detailed information about each of them, as well as users’ reviews. The main idea of the service is that the consumer and the business will interact through video. As they say, it is better to see once than to hear about it a hundred times.
UX/UI design

Work Process

Target Audience Analysis
In this case, we identified two types of users: millennials and Gen Z. Their habits and behaviors differ from previous ones as they were born with digital technologies already existing. Therefore, we had to consider the patterns of interaction with online services that were familiar to them.
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The main criterion for us when selecting brands to analyze was obviously their relevance as well as best practices they implemented.
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Risk Assessment

User flow
On passing the first challenges, we thought through the whole path of our user personas including inserting personal data, setting up their goals, inviting friends, and, finally, making pledges. Users can bet on everything related to sports activity: running, riding a bike, burning calories, and so on.
Getting approval
At this point, we showed the client the interactive prototype. Thus, we received feedback and made some improvements before the project proceeded to the development stage. Throughout the whole project we’ve been collaborating with the team of developers providing them with the project assets and the help they needed.
Introducing users to apps
The first thing we stumbled across was that even though all apps followed pretty much similar patterns and were no longer difficult to understand, our particular project was still unusual and could hardly be called intuitive. As a result, we designed 3 onboarding screens so that a user got to know immediately the purpose of the app. Later on, we created an engaging animation for the splash screen. The registration procedure was followed by simple instructions so that there wouldn’t be any confusion.
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Creation of a competitive brand
We created a certain image in the minds of users so that when they needed to find reviews or options for business promotion, they would remember that there was such a service as LocalLolo.
Clear segmentation
To use the budget more effectively, for example, for an advertising campaign, we recommended starting with a narrow segment of the target audience.
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Unique features on the market
In order for users to want to switch from one product to another, they must see this as a benefit for themselves. In our case, we suggested making it possible for business representatives to tell about their business in videos, and for users to leave comments or reviews in the form of short videos.
Creating a user-friendly interface
In order to compete on an equal footing with large companies, it is necessary to offer the user a multi-platform solution that will allow a smooth transition from one device to another.
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In result

We have made an application design in which the user can:

  • Leave reviews in video and text format;
  • Upload photos;
  • View the business page and reviews about it;
  • Save favorite places;
  • Invite friends.

We have also developed a website and equipped it with a clear and simple search box placed on the main page. Unlike the application, there is also a section for business persons so that they can place their products on the site. Thanks to the built-in geolocation, users can either immediately find information about businesses near to them, or specify the desired address. For the accent color, we chose yellow, which is usually associated with positive emotions and energy.


We’ve managed to complete the project in X weeks. During the course of our work, we developed a UX strategy and created the products necessary for its implementation. The client received a full package of tools for their business in terms of design and business research and remained fully satisfied with the outcomes. Now both the website and the app are in the development stage.