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About project

It’s an actual partnership. Equal is not just a design studio Meet FIG, a FinTech startup for freelancers. They provide access to their accounts from various freelance platforms, such as Upwork or Fiverr, and connect their credit cards to the system. The idea is to combine all financial flows into one convenient app, so it becomes much more convenient to track income, expenses, and savings.
UX/UI design


The client's main desire is to create a fintech startup whose task is to help freelancers control their finances faster and easier. Since freelancers can work from anywhere on the planet and in different conditions, the app should be as user-friendly as possible. The client had no specific requirements for the design and layout of the site, so we paid attention to all the wishes and applied a lot of our experience in developing UX strategies.


Our specialists have analyzed the initial data and opportunities for project development. Initially, for a consistent movement designers created the site map, determined the basic flow and functions on the main dashboard.
To continue the design process coherently, based on the site map, our designers began to work on the landing page. To consistently continue the design process, based on the site map, our designers began designing with the landing page. Since the landing page includes methods for the visitor to get into contact with the company, its development reveals insights into further promotion of the platform.

Work Process

Since going fully Fintech, all transactions and payments are easily accessible to the user on the main financial dashboard. Moreover, depending on the needs at any moment, a user can adjust the input statistics displayed on the screen. The expenditure graph is provided by set filters and criteria specifically. Thus, the user interface both on the main screen and throughout the web app is as native as possible. In terms of user experience design, it can also be related to the overall comprehensibility of the information and features.
To keep the dashboard clean and convenient at the same time, the designers added a fixed bar with basic information about the user and the most necessary data, such as connected freelancer platforms, connected cards, user profile. Freelancers no longer need to track cash flows and transactions on their own, it can all be done in one app to make life easier for users and allow them to use their money efficiently. It is a thing!
Mobile apps take up most of the time of Internet users, especially freelancers who can travel and work from anywhere in the world. Based on this, we came to the conclusion that it would be more convenient for users to control their finances from the phone and made mobile and a tablet version of the platform.
Designing a dark mode for the application saves battery power and reduces eye strain for users, which makes an overall impact on the user experience.
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Unified app for finance
Dealing with income, expenses, and savings in one app.
Financial health score
The option allows you to understand the balance of income and expenses from all connected cards and platforms.
Adaptive Web design
The app can be used from any device and remains user-friendly and easy to use.
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We developed the web and mobile versions of the app practically from scratch, worked out the user experience strategy in full, and found the most suitable design solution, which allowed the project to enter the market with new features attracting more users.