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About project

Betting specializes in providing real-time betting odds, football, and baseball pick and sports handicapping including guaranteed NFL, college football, and so on. It is the world's leading global supplier of real-time sports betting data in North America. Donbest allows you to bet almost at any sport, anytime, anywhere.
Naturally, it allows you to make some last-minute bets on a game that you might have forgotten about or, at the same time, take a chance on some line that just changed. With offices in Las Vegas, Nevada – the gaming capital of the world – and Vancouver, British Columbia, they are uniquely positioned to provide tailored content solutions to meet the needs of all sportsbook operators with a focus on traditional American sports.
In addition, this platform provides users with daily analysis of previous matches and expert opinions on upcoming events, gathering all relevant information on one website. To help users make safe bets and win, the platform offers statistics on players, teams, and leagues.
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UX & UI design


We analyzed the data and found that the target audience of the site is people of different ages and professions, who are fond of sports, but not knowledgeable in sports betting. Most of them need the help of a capper and follow their recommendations. Cappers are specialists who specialize in sports events, results, and forecasts about upcoming matches.
Based on the received data, our experts defined the main directions for work:
Display a complex heavy-data structure intelligibly to beginners;
Arrange the statistical data logically into information units, so that novice users can take a look and get the needed info;
Manage to bring the capper ads into the user flow.


Analytics showed that 80% of users logged in via phone and rarely use the web version, so we suggested a mobile-first methodology.
Since the amount of content is vast, we focused on a clear and accessible user interface and improved UX that would fit into mobile device screens. We collaborated with the development department for a long time to work out all the details of a user-friendly mobile version.
Then we started running user scenarios and user flow, making high-fidelity wireframes and testing the flow immediately. We figured out a complex heavy-data structure with top menus and burger menus, which makes the flow of information organized. The mobile version took about 70% of the time we worked on the project.
As the last step, we made a desktop version, in the development of which we took into account all the conducted analytics and a huge amount of elaborated information.
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Accurate planning and distribution of resources, precise analysis and teamwork allowed us to achieve our goals:

  • the interface of the mobile app is native;
  • the burger menu simplifies navigating the on the platform;
  • we filed the statistics in simple blocks;
  • we place capper ads regarding the user's interests naturally.