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About project

CryptoCoin is a fintech start-up that fills the gap between the financial and crypto world by allowing an easy and smooth transition of FIAT to crypto and crypto to FIAT. Users can store, sell, buy, and exchange Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies via a convenient web application.
Our team has worked on mobile and desktop user interfaces for Cryptocoin, created a UI kit and design system, and designed the sending flow.
UX/UI design


Our goal was to develop such a sending flow that would streamline the process of transactions. It takes on average around 10 minutes to verify a Bitcoin transaction. While we can do nothing to speed up this process, we could improve the navigation inside the app and boost user experience. People who trade Bitcoins or use them for payments daily are used to cumbersome processes and unintuitive interfaces. And together with our client, we wanted to change that.
Since Cryptocoin is an e-wallet, and its main features are monitoring and transferring money, we needed to simplify transactions as much as possible.


We have had several user interviews, created a couple of different wireframes, and attracted a group of potential end-users to A/B testing to discover what works best for our target audience.
First, we realized that users are often limited in time when they perform operations. For example, they want to quickly purchase crypto growing in price or sell it when the prices go down. So we decided to display only the preliminary information on the screen so that nothing would distract the users. Β 
The dashboard displays your account information, balance, and the exchange rate of the chosen crypto to a dollar or another cryptocurrency. Next to the account balance, there are three buttons that allow you to deposit, send, or withdraw money. It is also possible to form an invoice directly in the app if you need to receive money from somebody else. The user can make a transaction in a few clicks and has immediate access to the history of all transactions.
We made the interface black and white because we wanted to focus the user's attention on the data in the interface. We also used additional colours, and with the help of colour coding, emphasized whether the transaction was successful or not.
Since most people prefer to carry out all operations on their smartphone, we have paid close attention to the mobile version of the application. In the mobile version, the user enjoys the same convenience as in the desktop version. They can immediately perform transactions and see the history of operations in one click.


It is easy to start using the app ― users only need to fill in their contacts and bank account details for money withdrawal.
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Main dashboard
All account details are displayed on one screen. Users can easily monitor transaction history and exchange rate fluctuations.
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Transaction feed
You only need a couple of clicks to send money or form an invoice.
Efficient interface
In a simple black and white design, nothing distracts the user from trading.
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Colour coding
Colour coding used for feedback (green for transaction completed, red if something went wrong) make the process of transaction validation almost automatic.
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After seven weeks, we have delivered a clickable prototype for our client. The company was delighted with the result and went on with the development of the project. Today CryptoCoin is a fully-fledged application for a crypto exchange.